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Miami, Florida

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Miami Tourism

Miami Tourism

Miami, Florida

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This video from Roger Brooks with Roger Brooks International has some interesting facts about tourism and communities and provides insight into making shopping, dining and entertainment more inviting for visitors and locals.

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This travel forecast from the U.S. Travel Association shows growth in all areas for the next 3 years.

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5 Great Photo Opportunities in Miami

Travelocity | Top Travel Destinations
Miami Vacations

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a terrific photo from your Miami vacation will bring back a thousand memories. Whether you want some candid shots, or a family photo, Miami offers plenty of backdrops that evoke the spirit of this unique city.

Here are just a few of the many photo opportunities to be found in and around Miami:

Art Deco District wikipedia

Art Deco District Miami
Photo by wyntuition licensed under cc by 2.0.

True to its name, the Art Deco District of Miami contains more Art Deco buildings than anywhere in the world. After narrowly escaping demolition in the 1970s, this South Beach neighborhood was designated a US Historic District, and is now one of Miami’s most popular attractions. As you make your way towards the district, you will have no problem spotting the iconic pastel-colored buildings. The greatest concentration of these Art Deco structures is along Ocean Dr., Collins Ave. and Washington Ave., between 6th and 23rd street. A snapshot in front of any one of these buildings is undeniable proof of a Miami vacation!

Freedom Tower wikipedia

Freedom Tower Miami
Photo by ImageMD licensed under cc by 2.0.

Nine of Florida’s ten tallest buildings are located in Miami. The Freedom Tower is the building that kicked off Miami’s skyscraper craze. Originally finished in 1925, this golden tower was inspired by the Giralda Tower in Seville, Spain. It is situated on Biscayne Boulevard and looks out over the ocean like a lighthouse. Freedom Tower earned its name in the 1950s, when the government used the building to provide services to Cuban immigrants. For newcomers, the sight of this tower meant a new beginning and freedom from communist Cuba. The tower is now a monument to the history of Cubans in America, as well as a magnificent backdrop for a Miami vacation photo.

The Shores of South Beach wikipedia

South Beach Miami
Photo by iJammin licensed under cc by 2.0.

South Beach means more than just sand and water. South Beach also encompasses a vibrant nightlife scene, great shopping, excellent art galleries, first-class restaurants and top-notch hotels. Despite all of this, you will still want at least one photo along the actual beach. These shores are a popular place for people to show off their hard-earned physiques (there is a ‘South Beach Diet’ for a reason!). While you want to get plenty of the white sand and blue water in your photo, be careful of what else is in the background. Despite the fact that Miami Beach is not ‘clothing-optional’, the occasional topless sunbather is tolerated along South Beach.

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens wikipedia

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Miami
Photo by BrentOzar licensed under cc by 2.0.

In the early 1900s businessman James Deering ordered 180-acres of Italian Renaissance style-gardens be created around his 20th-century mansion. Now owned by Miami-Dade County, the Villa Vizacaya Estate (formally known as The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens) is open to the public. The breathtaking landscaping and gardens is a popular backdrop for movies, weddings, other special events.

Get With a Gator wikipedia

Florida Everglades
Photo by chaunceydavis818 licensed under cc by 2.0.

Many people deal with unwanted wildlife like raccoons or possums, but Miami residents have to put up with alligators! The Florida Everglades are packed with both native and farm-raised alligators. If you come across an alligator walking the streets: stay clear! But to get closer to these gators in a safe environment, and get some wild photos, plan to visit an alligator farm or take an airboat tour. That way you can snap a few photos of Miami’s toothier residents.

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